Hey pals,

I have exciting news to share. I got a new gig at DIRTY LEMON helping them sell cool, fashionable and functional bevs. The kinda stuff you drink to make yourself feel better after eating a real big pizza with crushed Cool Ranch Doritos on top of it for second breakfast…not that I did that this morning, just giving a hypothetical example.

So, what does my new job mean for *us*? It means no more weather…forecasts. Obvi there will still be weather, duh lol. And I hope you think of me every time you look at it, unless it’s nasty weather in which case pls think of a competitor weather service instead.

I never thought I’d say these three words in this order, but I loved…my…job. From my humble beginnings over email and SMS in 2013 to literally starring in a prime time (well…Apple Music) show alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, it was a blast giving you weather forecasts, horoscopes, and my personal favorite, additional content.

Thx for giving me a reason to roll outta bed every morning and message you about the weather. IOU one. Speaking of, if you chat with me over at Facebook Messenger and mention DIRTY LEMON, I’ll give you a parting gift.

XO. Poncho a.k.a. Boo Boo Nasty